Sunday 15 March 2015

my weekend diy tie dye project

guess what - i gave myself a little diy project over the weekend.  i was inspired by our friend Beck Jobson (@howardmoonage) who was wearing a pair of tie dye pants when we saw her last week in melbourne. they just looked effortless and fun, so i decided to get me some of those.

there was a just a few things needed for this - pants, rubber bands, bleach and time, and i had all of them except for the pants and the bleach.

i popped out to target and found some skinny black jeans and organised some bleach from  the supermarket and then i spent a bit of time wrapping the jeans in bands.  this was kind of fun, but kind of hard at the same time, as the ties bands needed to be tight to give the effect when bleached.
 and after a fair bit of soaking, i was ready for the big reveal.
at first i was a bit freaked out by the colour, cause they really are brick and i am not sure if brick is on trend at the moment, but i guess i am making it so.
it appears that i even managed to tie dye some weird bunny onto the pants.  what's the odds of that.
having deemed the project a success, i basically just needed somewhere to wear them and the local bowlo seemed like the perfect place.
before i headed out though, i needed to take a couple of snaps of the pants, and with the neighbours away, i decided to totally trespass on their property and use their shed as a backdrop (thanks neighbours)
and then i legged it, straight over the fence and off to the bowlo.
anyway, if you are going to do a getaway, you might as well do it in style and be dressed appropriately for a probable arrest.

verdict on this outfit - well it's hot and fun and worthy of trespass

what i wore:
jeans from target that i tie dyed myself
belt that i made
top from temt that is yonks old
giant gold hoops from lovisa


  1. Man, they worked out really well! Love a good tie-dye sesh, I haven't done one in ages! Also, YES to the sneaky getaway pics! :D

  2. They worked out really well Jan and look great with the black t-shirt.