Wednesday 18 March 2015

my ootd - 17 March

well the 17th March is st patty's day and i didn't wear a lick of green.  I thought about it and re thought it.  i did however decide to be super girly girl and wear a satin skirt and top combo, which felt quite luxe to say the least.

i did set about on my way to work to find a place to take some pics, cause that's now half  the fun of sharing my looks, but how many times can you drive around a park without looking like a weirdo. Plenty in my case.  I did stop initially and was thinking that a beautiful tree i laid my eyes on would do the trick - but it didn't, so i didn't even bother putting my heels on.  I am not accustomed to having to drive myself to work yet, let alone in heels so sensible footwear is the go.
eventually i found a spot that seemed a great backdrop for my outfit pic.  hell, it even had some green in it.
one of my friends tongue in cheek asked if i was going to a funeral - i seem to wear bright colours most of the time, and then i trod in chewy, but was so thankful it wasn't dog shit, cause that would have just over shadowed the smell of samsara that was adorning me.  and i didn't even slide of my chair once at work, not once.  that is so unlike satin!

anyway enough about my outfit, let's get back to st patty's day. my sister christine was born on st patrick's day and i tried to skype her and call her to no avail before i left for work.  eventually, i got to speak to her and it sounded like she wasn't having the birthday she deserved.  she was even going to buy her own birthday cake down at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva.  Surely not.  I knew then, that i had to take evasive action and sort this nonsense out.

i phoned the hotel and asked if i could buy a cake for her as a surprise.  she was going there anyway, so seemed like a great idea.

there is a certain level of patience required when trying to do cross cultural relations and trying to explain that i would just like one of the cakes that was already made would be fine. no no no - they wanted to make me a special cake to pick up on thursday. that's not good cause it was her birthday right now. so they compromised and agreed to make a cake that could be picked up at 8.30pm that night. well that wouldn't work, cause her children would fall asleep in the car on the way to pick it up. i was then handed to someone else on the phone who agreed that the chef would make a cake to pick up on thursday......

finally it became apparent that i would be happy with a cake they had in their display.  none of this 8.30pm or thursday business it had to be pret-a-porter so to speak.  and we were in business. it didn't matter that it only fed 4 - 5 people (according to my sister, it fed many more) and i asked for some additions - macarons and chocolates to make it feel special.  the hotel even offered to ring her and tell her there was something to pick up, but this was prefaced with .....your sister has probably told you.... SURPRISE!
doesn't she look happy.

so, st patty's day was success both in the sister and the fashion stakes.

what i wore
black satin skirt from target
top and belt made by me
shoes from novo

what she ate from GPH Suva
chocolate divine cake with cream, happy birthday detail and a chocolate swirl
strawberry macarons
variety of chocolates

Thank you to the staff of the GPH Suva, who helped make my sisters birthday great.

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