Friday 20 March 2015

DSTSS - it's broken

53. See the glass as already broken (and everything else too)

I used to have a beautiful pair of blue bird earrings. They were a bit like these below and i got them way way back when i was young girl and i had kept them as part of my treasures. They went with me through life events, such as when i moved out of home, when i got married (for the first time), when i got divorced (for the first time) and through some other big life events. I kept them with things that were precious to me and would wear them on occaision.  I remember that one day i put them into a dish to soak clean along with some other things i owned and left them in the kitchen and headed off to work.  I was living with my lovely nana at the time - a neat freak - and i came home from work and the dish was gone. LIKE GONE and when i asked what happened to it, she said she poured it down the sink cause it only looked like a dish of water. she did have bad eyes....
is your heart hurting at that story? well mine did.  I was devastated. it was like this one item of significance that represented goodness knows what was gone and how would my life ever be the same without it.  But guess what, i survived and have gone on to live a great life.

Fast forward to 2014 when in November, we were hit by a severe storm.  Three rooms of our home were demolished, over 50 windows were smashed, items that were part of our life had gone things that i had emotional attachment too - the car, my nana's outdoor table, reels of cotton, antique furniture - gone, just like that and this situation was totally out of my control.
with this chapter comes the opportunity to gain perspective, to appreciate and be grateful for what we have knowing that at any time it could change. keep a place in your mind that what you have in front of you right now, could be gone in a moment, through an accident or even a deliberate cause and rather than feel sorrow, or anger as to the why it happened, be grateful in the knowing that everything has a life span - whether you are can accept it or not.  it was really hard to deal with the emotion that came with the storm. the reality of that day hasn't gone, because it still gets relived in parts due to the ongoing issues we have, but life goes on and the choice to hold onto the pain or let it go is one that I can make. Oh and those earrings - they pop up every now and then!

Seeing the glass as already broken as the chapter says, is a way of letting go and working toward acceptance and peace.

Note to self: Being accepting of the things we can't control is a conscious choice, as how we choose to react can make a moment memorable for all the right or the wrong reasons. Be grateful for the time you have with people and your pets (cause they are family too) as they are irreplaceable, and as for our other stuff, it's important, but not so important that it can't be replaced if need be.

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