Sunday 22 March 2015

Aussie Curves challenge - bridal

I may no longer be a married lady, but that isn't going to stop me sharing a post about bridal.  No relationship breakdown is ever nice, and for me it certainly wasn't what i was expecting when we made the commitment.  Sadly though a series of unplanned, un-navigatable events occurred that ultimately changed our relationship. I'd describe it like the continuation of the tides - they ebb and flow and you know the shoreline and then something happens and the sand moves and the shore is no longer the same.  I know it's called, erosion, but i'd prefer to think of it as a shift in the sands.

I did love my wedding and the dress was one that i had in my head and then had it made into reality by my mum. after searching and searching for just the right materials. I am non traditional that's for sure, so there was no white frock, veil or any of the other things that are associated with weddings - yes there was a rings, cake, a bar tab and a honeymoon, but that's about it.  Oh and i was given some pansy's out of my cousins garden.  they were given to her by my beautiful nana before she died and had flowered around the same time as the wedding.

Well here's the dress - it doesn't look as good hanging on a coat hanger, as it does hanging on a body, but it is full of detail - such as bells, crystals, sequins, braids and all hand sewn on by me in the time leading up to the day.
The dress is a black stretch top that my mum attached to the skirt she made.  It was tricky to do, but she is amazing and used her skills to make it work. It was hard to find the right top, but after a fair bit of looking around, i found one that felt just right. Once the pieces were joined, i set about embellishing.  As i said everything here is hand sewn on and each individual bell, crystal and the motifs below had to be put on one by one.

On a trip to india my sister and i came across a place that sold amazing beads, trims and motifs and i decided to use some on my dress and on my shoes.  The individual glass crystals and bells came from Bead Trimming and Craft, which is now at Stones Corner.
So that's my bridal post - and i am sorry, i can't share pictures of me in the dress cause it's just to weird.  What i will do though is wear the dress again, cause it is beautiful and holds great memories of a great day and I certainly shouldn't feel sad for having had such a great relationship with so many wonderful experiences along the way, including this one.

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  1. That's a gorgeous dress Jan, with a lovely story of family, your Mum putting it together and beads from your sister. I can fully understand why you kept it, but also why you didn't want to put it on for the blog post. I wasn't married, but I was with someone for nine years before we split up. It took me a good year (perhaps more) to look back at the good times, but it is part of life's journey, a chapter in the story of me. :) xo