Sunday 29 March 2015

DSTSS - here i am

54. Understand the statement, "Wherever you go, there you are"

I have been guilty of this in my life time, the desire to be somewhere else rather than where i am right now.  It's a bit of the old - my life would be better if.....

if i had a better house
 if i had a better car
or i was on vacation
or if i had Louis Vuitton Luggage to cart all my woes around in
it would always be something!

If you are wishing you are somewhere else other then where you are right now, you might need that LV emotional baggage, because where else are you going to put all those desires that are being carried around all day, everyday, stopping you from enjoying the moment.

Would you really be happier though if all these this were how you wanted them? Or would there be something else that you needed to make it better? again and again and again.  Just because we change a physical location or situation, doesn't mean we change a mental one.

I have been through this exact journey earlier in my life and what did i do, i made change.  It required some help along the way, but i made change. and the biggest part was making the conscious choice to be accepting of what was (even if it wasn't my ideal) and move towards what could be and doing it while remaining right where i physically was and enjoy what was around me at that moment.

So often we are caught up in habits which seem to show themselves automatically and without any after thought and guess what, it is possible to change habits and behaviours - it just takes a choice and choosing to be accepting of what you have and where you are right now, can be a choice.  And if the choice is to continually complain about stuff, it gets really tiring, not only for you, but for those around you.

After a while, luggage gets heavy when you have to keep carting it around, so why not put the luggage down, yep the luggage that is holding all the things you take with you everywhere, the life would be better if's.....and enjoy where you are right now.
Put out that Louis Vuitton trash.

Note to self: wishing that you were somewhere different all the time, is just wishing your life away. you know that old saying, life happens when you are busy making other plans... maybe by beginning to focus on what's good about where you are right now, may open a new perspective and you could see that what wherever you go, there you are, and it's actually kind of nice and a step towards inner peace.

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