Wednesday 11 March 2015

an ootd - making it work

wow, i have so much to catch up on following our weekend in melbourne for the curvy couture roadshow.  this was such a great event and i will do a bit of a review on that in another blog, but i have some ootd action to catch up on first and in particular today, is this look.
my sister has a skirt just like this in orange and every time i see it, i try to think up devious ways that i could pop it in my suitcase to bring it home.

when i was visiting her in fiji last december, we spotted this pink fabric and took a heap of it home to create some stuff for the shop. i instantly knew that i had to have that skirt of hers, but in pink.

so my mum brought the finished product home on her last visit and i kept looking for reasons and places to wear it. but when i first put it on, i wasn't so impressed, cause it just felt a bit nothing and no matter what top i put with it, it still felt a bit nothing.

this skirt went on and off and on and off over a few weeks without any styling inspiration presenting itself to me.

i find that this happens quite a lot, you get something, thinking it's the next best thing since one direction and then you feel a bit daft, cause it sits in the cupboard and may never get worn, cause the look just isn't right. guilty of that! and that's where i think it's important to not forget the item, but to take opportunities to let a look evolve, cause sometimes it can be the most unexpected thing that just pops into your mind and when it does, a look can just come to life.

on this particular day, i had a different shirt, shoes and it just didn't feel right, and when i looked at the shape of the skirt in the mirror, i remembered that i had a dress that was a similar shape at the hem and then the fun began.
the striped dress is one i made yonks ago - probably before the evolution of huudaverti and it's one that is the go to dress, when i sometimes feel like i need a bit of an energy burst - especially if it's a dull day. the dress is made of satin and receives so many compliments when i wear it.

this was the dress to go over that skirt on that particular day and i felt great.
i felt somewhat regal and it was a hit at the office and i think it's a look that could be for a party, a day out, or a day in and the look was equally fine without the belt.
i think that sometimes it takes a lot of courage to extend yourself in the style stakes, cause people can be so critical - but hey - who cares, do and wear what makes you happy.  in this dress, i felt floaty, fun and really happy, and it was so worth waiting for the right time to style it in a way that worked.
what i wore:
dress and belt made be me
skirt and earring from huudaverti
shoes from whittner

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