Tuesday 3 March 2015

dstss - can you handle the truth

52. search for a grain of truth in other opinions

there are a couple of kinds of opinions - the professional kind that starts something like.....in my professional opinion and then there are the other kinds of opinions, the ones given by family, friends and often strangers. you know, the i know you haven't asked, but if you want my opinon.....and sometimes permission isn't even asked, the opinion is just blurted out.

both have their merits, cause both may have something that can make a difference, add value, or lead you on to change, but it's whether you are prepared to accept that there may be a grain of truth in the one that isn't coming from the professional?

If someone is willing to share an opinion with you that you don't wholeheartedly agree with but there could be a tiny grain of truth in, what then?  Do we continue to tear that person down or be open and accepting and move gracefully towards a place of caring, learning and ulitmately feeling good about ourself and leaving the conversation with everyone's feelings intact.

People's feelings can get get hurt really easily and often not intentionally, and if someone shares an opinion that we don't agree with, our usual reaction is to tell them they are wrong, get upset, feel they are being mean etc etc and it can become a never ending cycle of trying to dig your way out of a hole that is just getting bigger.  That takes a lot of energy.

I think that there are so many opportunities to reflect on situations and think about if it could be handled better, and chapter 52 may open an opportunity to go into a situation knowing that from the outset, you are keeping an open mind whether you agree with an opinion or not.
Note to self: are you looking for glass half full or glass half empty in situations? if it's glass half full, then maybe a simple "yeah, you could be right, i never saw it that way".  Is that a statement that could make a difference, and pave the way to a better outcome? afterall, we are only looking for a grain remember, but it might be the grain that is needed to keep the metaphorical loaf of bread from being the bestest tastiest loaf it could be.

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