Monday 2 March 2015

my little black dress - ootd

monday rolled around and it was the usual up early for the huudaverti meeting at 6.30am mind you...

and for some reason and i am glad i did, i was compelled to put on this dress.  it's been in the cupboard for a while and as it requires a slip dress underneath i questioned its appropriateness for the office. (look at me, checking me out)
well, it seems that not only the office, but people i passed on the street, my hairdresser, my sandwich maker, all gave it the thumbs up.  even the guy serving at the bottle shop called me babe.  maybe he was drunk, but i am pretty sure he was referring to babe me, not the babe the pig, babe.
 looking good from the side
 happy with the range of motion
 perfect dress for hair swishing
and teamed with a couple of flowers in my hair and a little belt, i didn't need to add anything else to the look, apart from shoes, which after walking in for 5 minutes have decided to donate, as they were freaking killing me.  Beauty is not pain!

i am excited to announce that this is now in the huudaverti production queue.  Well it has to be, cause not only is it fabulous, but i've taken orders for it today.

And with that excitement from my ootd, i am off to put a couple of cucumbers (and i mean cucumbers, not just pieces) on my eyes to help soothe what feels like bags bigger then i need to pack for the curvy couture roadshow this weekend.  Hope you have all got your tickets, cause my sister and i can't wait to catch up with everyone who is supporting us on this journey.

what i wore:
dress from huudaverti
slip made by me
shoes from novo
flowers from sportsgirl
cucumbers from davies park markets

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