Tuesday 13 January 2015

thick, thick and thicker

it's now nine nights in hospital for dave and the excitement revved up yesterday when he was allowed to have food, not just any food, but thickened food - thick juice, thick puree and thick water. there really is such a thing - eeew!.  i was prepared to give it a go, after all, i did try dog chocolate once, cause i wanted to ensure it was okay for my dog, but when i dipped my finger into the vegetarian thickened water, i deemed it not good for human consumption - unlike dog chocolate, which at a pinch will do and the thick water magically disappeared into the trash.
kudos to the doctor who decided to start treating dave on something that they felt was a probability - even though all the symptoms of guillian-barre were so off the norm, they went ahead while the test results were coming in. the treatment was working its magic and has got dave to where he is today - mobile, eating, swallowing, a bit stinky in the pits, but thankful that he didn't require a ventilator, that he is on the road to recovery and will probably not have to ever have thickened water again. hallelujah.

tonight dave got the pleasure of having this - honey mustard chicken, peas, carrots and potato with gravy - everything comes with gravy.  i liken it the australian terrain - dirt, mountains, trees and clouds, and i was even caught out trying to sneak in some of the veg options to the devout carnivore.

there is no blue to represent the sky, cause blue is probably how you would feel having to eat this. seriously though, he did enjoy being able to eat something more than thickened water!
as for me, it's been all about taking it in my stride.  keeping my focus on work and multiple daily hospital visits is really exhausting.  i have even wondered whether having a wine entree, wine main and a baileys dessert counts as a balanced dinner. i know it's not, but this being an option has made me think about the simplest dinner i could create after having super long days and really, toast or wine just isn't an option.

i know pasta goes straight to your arse, but if you are in genuine need of a pay it forward meal (for your arse) then this is it.  quick, easy, no more than 10 minutes (after boiling the water) and quicker then Jaimie's 15 minute meals, that's for sure and one that was sanctioned by my pasta loving nephews when we were camping.

so if a crisis hits, go for this, you won't even have time to pack the dishwasher, do a load of hospital washing, relax, facebook or do anything, cause it's that quick.

boil some 5 minute pasta. if you get pasta over 10 minutes, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

in another dish, grate in a tomato, chuck in a big lot of butter (makes it creamy), and a bit of salt and pepper.
when the pasta has cooked, take it out of the pot with some tongs, and put it into the tomato dish (no time for draining). remember, 10 minutes.
if you have basil, rip it up and chuck it in, if you like chilli, have it handy.
stir that pasta gently, so it knows you care and serve it up.  add some chilli, or goats cheese or micro herbs (cause everyone has them handy) and douse with pamy cheese.
this is what i did tonight, and last night and the other night, cause i really needed something that was going to get me through - quicker than quick and better than that water, that i could have snuck home in my bag, to spoon in later.

tomorrow is another day, and probably another 10 minute pasta meal, but that's fine, cause if somebody gets an opportunity to walk, talk or eat, when a week ago it was all a bit scary, then so be it. i can swallow that.

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