Tuesday 27 January 2015

going it on my own

holy moly, today i stepped into the world of the super selfie - the selfie that required me to use an apparatus to take a photo of said self - well i can't just go around asking random people if they would take my photo - cause A, it could get awkward and B, someone could run off with my phone and quite frankly i don't care for running if i am in heels.

i have for the past 4 and a bit years been a blogger and i have blogged about all manner of things, but not in a way that i have promoted to the point i have now - instagram, my own facebook page, which i shall leave it to each individual to determine whether it's worthy of a like and i think what i have to offer in the sense of style is worth sharing.

so after reading the blog of icurvy about how to use instagram for style inspiration i thought about her tips for taking the best style photo and decided to take action. i am more than happy to pull some silly poses in front of the camera, but if you need to take these photos yourself, then it's likely that you need to embrace your inner showoff and snap away.

i headed to the city yesterday with the intention of buying a contraption that would assist me to take the perfect fashion selfie.  i really only needed a bluetooth remote - which i appear to have lost already, and a long tripod (which i don't have) but no, i came back with the SUPER SELFIE STICK which I attached to my mini tripod. and, after a bit of fumbling, i had success - kind of....probably just like a teenage boy at his first school dance. but better.
and after having a bit of a play, i ventured out in my finery and got down to business.  i took a photo of my new shoes - sans selfie stick
I worked that little remote control, all while hoping the contraption didn't fall over as i clicked away.

i could barely crack a smile until i had finished my multi-tasking, but i clicked away
and when my time to shine shine shine had passed, i turned the spotlight onto the selfie stick - my new best friend. same time tomorrow, hey!
 the result hit instgram pretty quickly and i deemed the project a success.
dress made by me
shoes from whittner (on sale)
necklace by robert kennedy fiji
the pink lipstick is cherries in the snow by revlon - as worn to perfection by tigalil.
selfie stick - a girls best friend

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