Thursday 29 January 2015

aussie curves - activewear challenge

i am amazed by all the activewear that's available to choose from - and some of it just seems so impractical that i think it's more about the fashion statement then the activity it's meant for.

for me, finding activewear is about the practicality, not necessarily the look. but underneath all that, it doesn't matter what i wear because what i am wearing it for is the most important reason.

in the industry i work in, it's all about health and safety and we are lucky to have so many initiatives available to us to encourage our longevity on this planet.  we have free swimming sessions, quit smoking campaign, women's and men's health initiatives, are encouraged to participate in fun runs etc and it becomes quite contageous when you see other people being involved.

as a long term vegetarian, i have always been happy with the food choices i make - and i eat whatever i like except for mushrooms and eggs, cause i hate them both.  but the desire to be physically fit is another choice altogether.  i heard one of our executives addressing a conference and he showed us a picture of his family and talked about how the doctor told him he was in the obese category.  that's a harsh thing to hear, because he certainly didn't look any different to anyone else in the room. on hearing those words, he decided from that moment, that if he didn't do something to address his health, he may not be around for his family.  and those words really resonated with me.  what could i control and do, to make a difference to ensure that i had the best opportunity to spend as much time as possible, with my family and friends.

i didn't intend to do something, i did something. this wasn't about losing weight, but about being a fitter person. i had been a slacker gym member, but on seeing a pamphlet about PT sessions we organised a work group to do 3 sessions a week, a friend gave me a treadmill and i started a couch to 5k program.  this program is so great, because it takes you on a slow journey to fitness.  my big achievement came when i reached the point where i had to run for 20 minutes straight and i was scared, really scared.  my boss at the time, gave me great encouragement and told me to go slow.  it wasn't a race, but as long as i kept going at a slow pace, i would reach my 20 minutes AND I DID. i was so proud of myself.
at an international women's day fun run, i elected to walk for 4 km's but committed to running the last kilometer with my grown up son and this was such an achievement.  i know it's only ONE kilometer, but it was still one more kilometer than i had run before. i still prefer to run on a treadmill as i find it a very supportive way to do it.

after we had done our PT sessions for a number of months, we wanted a change and took up boxing. boxing is really the best workout i have done - apart from ashtanga yoga - as they both require practice in order to develop. boxing is an all over challenge.  sure you might punch a bag, or someone else if they get in the way, but it also has weights, running, core work and requires a bit of mental discipline and you sweat - real bad.
this decision and commitment to get fitter was one that i am really happy i made.  my fitness has improved and that is keeping me on track to the end goal - being there for my family, friends and for me.

in sharing all of that i'd like to touch on the active wear.  my two things that i have invested in are a great sports bra and running shoes.  as for the rest of it, if i can wear something that doesn't fall down, feels comfy then i am happy.

i have a bra from enell. my sister put me onto it as we both have giant boobs. it does up at the front, it squashes everything down so there is no jiggle and the best thing is that you order it after measuring around your rib cage and also around your bust. you then choose the size that is right for you and off you go. at first it was weird, but it's the bra of choice for me.
What i wear:
swimmers - target
running shorts - from Big W
singlets - from my cupboard
sports pants - K-mart
shoes  - asics
boxing gloves - sting (but don't forget your wraps)

i know i have technically not dedicated my blog to the choices of activewear out there, because for me it isn't what's the most important thing. it's what i am doing while i am in it, that matters and it all starts with one step. and when i get stuck, i remind myself that my mind gives up before my body does and that keeps me going.


  1. You have inspired me tonight. I have been a couch potato for several months and now I'm all aches and pains, soTOMORROW that will change. I will keep you posted.

    1. oh my god michele, i feel very humbled that i have made a difference to your day. and maybe your tomorrow.i have day's that i might wish i do more, but if i do something, it's better than doing nothing. look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Great post! Congrats on running for 20 mins... I'm working on that goal myself so you can be my inspiration ;-) Love your LFC singlet btw!