Thursday 5 February 2015

DSTSS - little miss stubborn

50. Write down your five most stubborn positions and see if you can soften them

well i am back, back into the book that has been with me for the past 12 months.  the book that i thought wouldn't take me long to get through, but i am only just half way.

some chapters i really struggle with and this is another one of those - ah well, lets see how we go!

i think that the only thing i have to say here, is that in the book, it's about becoming a more peaceful, kinder human being and if we are so rigid in our beliefs (ie stubborn) then we may be limiting ourselves in someway.

i know for me, i have become a very lateral thinker and that required me to let go, let go of thoughts or beliefs that that i felt were so important to me that they were affecting my quality of life. i know that in the past i had some very rigid patterns of behaviour and i thought it helped me keep some kind of control in my life, but in reality, it was just making my life more difficult and not letting me enjoy what was out there to be enjoyed.

being able to let go of stuff, that really isn't important paves the way the opening up so many things - happiness for one. stubborn thinking could also be challenged to see if that belief is still relevant and if not - how can you change it?

i have a really good example of someone who is stubborn - this person (and it's not you) cannot change the way of thinking about certain things, to the point of alienating people and becoming so fixated on an issue that it becomes all consuming.  it's not nice to be around and it's hard to watch the focus being put on one thing to such an extent.

here's my 5 stubborn positions....
1. i am not stubborn
2. no 2, 3 4 and 5 are the same as number one.
however, if i were to pick one really stubborn thing about myself, it would definitely be my inability to be accepting of other peoples help when i am feeling like there is too much going on.  and that was really evident during recent events that i know had left me felling pretty run down. in the end i started saying yes - why should i stop other people doing something that would make them feel good about their contribution to this world, because i may be a bit stubborn especially when they could see what i couldn't at the time.

Note to self:  dig a little deeper, is there anything else that can be relaxed in order to keep on this joyful journey?  i am sure there a few people out there who would love to send me a list of things that i don't see, and if so, send em in.  I am open to change.

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