Tuesday 25 November 2014

aussie curves - night out

well i am gearing up for my second aussie curves challenge blog post and this one is about the night out.  some of my night's out include going to my local bowlo for pool or trivia and it isn't really necessary to get too fancy.  as much as i love being fancy.  i have been super busy with a work project that has kept me chained to my PC for hours, days and weeks. but i am free now.  phew!

i did get a night out and was invited to the Brisbane Convention Centre to watch Riverfire.  It was a prime possy with a spectacular view of southbank.
so, given it was my first night out in ages, i decided that my silver vinyl skirt was fitting for such an event.
this is a skirt i made myself and i teamed it with boots and a sparkly top, as it was a perfect spring evening.  not too hot and not too cool.  my earrings and boots even have their own story.
there are definitely two different earrings here.  no, you aren't seeing things. the one at the top is a pair i purchased in 2006 in the elizabeth arcade, brisbane and it's little mate broke just this year.  the other one is a pair i purchased in new york last year and was wearing them one day and realised that one had dropped out to never be seen again - or so i thought.  but i did see it, at my local coffee shop, where one of the girls had found it and decided to keep it and love it.  she offered to give it back, but i said that she could keep it.
I got these boots this year after having universal intervention in order for them to become mine.  I spotted them in Mollini and they didn't have my size in their store, or any of their stores.  i was given the number for the distributor, as they were also sold in other shoe outlets. so i rang everywhere from melbourne to the sunshine coast and eventually tracked down a pair at pottsville in northern new south wales.  i rang asked for them to be held.  problem was they store only opened 1 sunday a month when it was the local market and as divine intervention had it, i was going to the gold coast that very weekend for a function and it was an easy trip to get them, they fitted, they were on sale and they were mine.

There's no special story about the bag, i just loved it.
and there's my night out look.

What did i wear: vinyl skirt made by me, top from rockmans (really old), boots from mollini, bag from bardot, earrings from brisbane and new york.

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  1. I love this look and your skirt is AMAZING! Awesome to see some homemade goodness. Such a funky look :)