Monday 24 November 2014

aussie curves fave colour challenge

so today, i decide to do my first blog hop and what a disaster it was and still is.  Apologies, cause i totally screwed it up.

But i am trying again, (if i am allowed) and will post my fave colour, which is PINK.  I did share this on the aussie curves page last week, but decided i should go into a bit more detail, so here goes.

So i come from a long line of sewers and i would always get my nana to make my clothes when i was young.  I lost my style sense in my 20's, found it again in my 30's and now in my 40's it's out of control.  I think that we should be able to be as introverted or extroverted with our fashion, regardless of what other's think.  and as a plus size women, well, i think it should be even more OTT.

So, pink is my fave colour for a long time and it was probably when i spent 6 months living in india, that i appreciated pink for what it is.....AMAZING - feel good, fun, friendly and happy, just like me, i guess.

Pink is probably always going to be my colour of choice.

so about the outfit - havaianas and anklet from brazil, hat from unknown shop in brisbane, flamingo shirt and pink pants made by me with fabric from spotlight.

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