Sunday 23 November 2014

what am i going to wear tomorrow?

I decided tonight that seeing as i am halfway through my blogging project about not sweating the small stuff that i would take a little break and do a blog about clothes - what else.  well, i could find something else, but it's going to be about clothes. In particular - what i am going to wear tomorrow.

Over the past few months, our clothing label huudaverti has been pretty busy.  we have built a new website, we have opened our etsy store and with all that it, hasn't left me much time to do anything, apart from website build - call in favours from old and new friends to assist with this, along with working on our store and having numerous meetings with my sisters to plan out a lead in campaign for our launch.

And this weekend, i actually got to do whatever the fuck i liked....and i loved it.  It felt really great not to be sitting in front of a computer screen watching the world turn outside, so i made the most of it.  I went to the markets, the city, carindale, mirch masala for lunch, I lounged at ugees, I lunched at ugees, painted my nails, took a massage today at i do thai massage and booked in for another one next sunday along with a 1/2 hour foot massage and reflexology that was recommended for after painful thai massage. They use that stick thing to poke your feet - ouch. So if anyone is on russell street next sunday morning and you hear screams, don't worry, it will just be me getting thai torture, on my road to ongoing wellness maintenance.

My big trip though, was to spotlight. It would be my favourite store if some of their fabric wasn't so shit, but ce la vie...i got me some stuff and i hooked up with my sewing machine and i didn't even have to unpick anything!  Brilliant.

I made a few things this weekend - the red shorts i wore today - (made before i went out this morning) and kindly photographed by Aileen who never fails to make me laugh and vice versa, i guess.

And this arvy after my adventures i hooked up with the machine again and sewed my big heart out. I decided that since i would pre-plan my outfit for tomorrow.  (actually that will never happen, cause i just don't do that shit) but just this once, i headed out to the very windy garden to style up my new looks, just in case.  After all, it was my weekend to do whatever the fuck i liked!

so there we are, what will it be - spots overload, or an equally impressive frock.  who knows, i may even change my mind in the morning, cause that's what i do, but either way, these looks will be hitting my very colourful instagram at some point soon and then i will be faced with that difficult question - what am i going wear?

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