Wednesday 26 November 2014

DSTSS - the fork in the road

After each 10 chapters of blogging through don't sweat the small stuff, i do a little review on how i am feeling just to take stock of what's been happening and to remind myself of why I began this project in the first place. To reconnect and be mindful of how important it is for me to live a calm peaceful happy life regardless of what hurdles i may be facing.

it's taken me just over 2 months to go through 10 chapters and that's because i have had to put a fair bit of focus onto our clothing label which has taken an immense amount of my time, along with my day job and living life. to be able pursue my passion of creating beautiful clothes to hopefully one day allow me to do this as a full time career means that it cant be a half arsed job - it needs to be full arsed and we are over the biggest step that has been holding us back from working towards our success.  we launched our new huudaverti website and etsy store and it's been exciting to see these things come to fruition. But life is not without its challenges.

Well at chapter 50 (where i am right) and halfway through the book, i have come to a fork in the road.  10 chapters ago, i said my life was pretty great regardless of all the stuff that was happening, and it is great. I have so much to be grateful and thankful for. But the fork in the road has appeared and i must look at what direction needs to be taken.
unlike Alice who was given advice that it doesn't matter which road she takes, it matters to me. I think advice from a pink cat sitting in a tree would be super, but I need to take the road that is right for me, cause as i have said before, if i only get one life to live, i want it to be the best one possible.

Note to self: having the desire to stand up and express the need for change can be frightening, having the courage to stand up and make change is really fucking frightening. but in doing so, it lays out a whole new path of stepping stones to walk on.  No doubt they will lead you out of your comfort zone and that's a good thing, cause a new horizon may present and sometimes that's what is needed.

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