Wednesday 1 October 2014

DSTSS - peace man!

45. Develop your own helping rituals

In the quest for peace and kindness which is an ongoing theme in this book, this chapter talks about how if we want to live a life of peace and kindness, then it's necessary to do peaceful kind things.

Could my peace and kindness be my janergy - that thing that i have that is jan's energy.... the part of me that makes me nice to be around - that always has time for others, the name i hear called across the cubicle at work, the name that i get greeted with by people who i work with, is it that i will offer a meal to someone in need, or let that person who's trying so hard to run me off the road, get in to my lane, or is it that my maybe i can help someone in someway just by being me, or is it to just try and be peaceful and kind, regardless of what's happening. I always try to find a silver lining in any situation and i think that comes from having to look beyond the things that have troubled me and work towards building a world that brings me peace and happiness regardless of what's going on around me or to me.

So, as for being peaceful and kind.....well, I probably wont go around picking up litter like this guy in the book, but i can be more conscious of what i am doing to help me and others as i continue on with my journey of not sweating the small stuff. My helping rituals could be as simple as buying someone a coffee, or holding the lift for someone, and it has to be a conscious decision to do more that i am doing today.
Note to self: If what i am doing as part of my day to day life, is making me feel good and making those around me feel good about them and their life, then maybe i need to keep doing more of that. It has to start from within. Be love, Be peace, Be happy, Be kind.

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