Wednesday 24 September 2014

DSTSS - do you see what i see?

44.  Understand separate realities

Guess what - here's a revelation.....we are all different!

We all think differently
We all look different
Like different food
travel destinations
and so it goes on and on and on....

We all have our separate realities, and because of this, we all have different points of view when it comes to the looking at the same situation.   We see things differently and may react differently to the same thing that someone else may be seeing or experiencing.   And it's probably for many reasons and often only known to us.


Having a different point of view or seeing something differently doesn't make you right and someone else wrong, it just makes us different and it's what makes our lives filled with joy and sometimes with hurt.

So the message in this chapter, is that through the acceptance of separate realities, we can look at things in a way that may keep our perspective clear and our relationships in tact.

Note to self.  Just because i react differently to a situation doesn't make it right or wrong, it doesn't mean that i don't understand what someone else may be feeling, it just means that i make a choice to look at it in a different way.  And that different way is probably by finding and opening a big heart to ensure that separate realities are understood and respected. Watch out, or a big heart might just jump out of this picture straight into your eyeballs.  Somethings you just cant un-see, so embrace it and remember it's there, whenever you get slapped in the face with a separate reality.

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