Tuesday 16 September 2014

DSTSS - the 12 foot bed

43.  Become an Anthropologist

Anthropology - the science of dealing with man and his origins.

I touched briefly on a place called Bimbetka in a previous post where I saw rock paintings that were over 30,000 year's old - An Anthropologist's dream.  And i will never forget the generosity of my sister and her husband for taking me along on some of their indian adventures.
Anthropology according to Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - being interested, without judgement in the way other people choose to live and behave (ie let's open our heart to compassion and patience).

On this very same adventure - not only did my sister and i have an extreme need to use the one toilet in our hotel room at the same time - causing me to feel compassion for what she was feeling as she yelled at me to hurry up and finish my business (sorry for the overshare but in india, apparently, happiness is a dry fart - and i wasn't taking any chances), but i also got to experience an event, that for some people may have caused frustration and annoyance at the total lack of smarts that was exhibited. We didn't judge someone else's absurdity, we didn't think we were better than the person who did this, but we just laughed and said - i love my india.

When you are the plus one, it's not always possible to end up with a real bone fide comfy bed - sometimes you have to work with what you get and i was on the floor on a mattress. The mattress was pretty thin and pretty uncomfortable and when we headed out the morning after my thin and uncomfortable sleep, we asked if we could have another mattress cause the bed wasn't quite big enough.   And sure enough they delivered on what I had asked - a bigger bed! Yep, there was another mattress and my bed was now about 12 feet long and like any proper housekeeping, it was made up perfectly  H I L A R I O U S!
So where did it all go wrong - was it my poor explanation - or where they just trying to be funny to annoy me - well it doesn't matter - cause there was no need for annoyance, or judgement or arrogance due to my western thinking, it was what it was and it was funny to the point where tears were running down our legs.....

Best sleep ever - that extra 6 foot made all the difference!

Note to self:  Not everyone looks same same, thinks same same or is same same and that's okay.  When we choose to be accepting of these differences, then our heart becomes a little bigger and with that, small things don't seem quite so big.


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