Thursday 11 September 2014

DSTSS - heart someone

42.  Spend a moment, everyday, thinking of someone to love

I have such an affinity to this chapter, that i am glad i get to write about it.

Have you ever had somebody in your life that has hurt you and you have just responded with a quiet "I''ll send you some love"  I have - maybe even more than one!

When my all but brief marriage broke down many years ago - when i was just a very young adult - i felt such hurt and anger that i really let it eat into me.

When i made that conscious choice to make change in my life, i knew i had to address the hurt i was feeling and find some forgiveness for the sake of me, him, my son, my family and friends.  Holding onto anger, is such an exhausting process and one which literally eats away at your body and soul. It's a very hard thing to do, cause why would we ever want to forgive anyone who hurts us?  Often those same issues that needed to be forgiven come up in future encounters, thus prolonging the cycle of hurt and anger.

I would send love to him, even thought it felt really wrong and really really hard, but eventually, i didn't even think about any of the hurt i was feeling and healing had begun.

The author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff attributes many positive things about sending someone some love.  It breaks down resentment, it opens your heart to being more loving, it enables forgiveness and it fills you with positive energy and eventually you may feel a shift in how we react to some of life's little irritations.
I found this great rock on the beach in yamba a few years back - it was meant to be mine.  I heart it and it sits pride of place on my dining room cupboard and it reminds me of the importance of love all the time.
Note to self:  Start your day thinking of someone to love - maybe the first person who comes into your mind needs it as much as you do.  Just take a moment to wish them a day filled with love and kindness and maybe your day will become even better for it.

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