Tuesday 9 September 2014

DSTSS - let it go, let it go, let it go!

41.  Avoid weatherproofing

Put your hand up if you have ever been weatherproofed?  I don't mean get your rain coat and umbrella out to protect you from impending rain, but the type of weatherproofing that comes with another person's need to find little faults or things that they wish to point out about you that you are doing wrong or they don't quite like or find irritating.  Funny though - these are often the very things that we may find so endearing or interesting or quirky about another person we meet and and have strong interactions with.

Weatherproofing is great if you need to make sure your house doesn't have leaks, or have places where the wind may blow in under the door - these can be fixed for your own comfort, but weatherproofing people means that you are always on the lookout for what needs to be fixed with someone else or pointing out their faults and flaws because you feel you need to fix them.

I've been around someone who constantly weatherproofs - about everything and usually with anyone they meet.  It's extreme and it isn't pretty to watch and I've seen that hole get deeper and deeper as the person on the receiving end reacts to someone telling them what they should be doing.  you should this....you shouldn't that....i don't like how you.....if you keep doing that.....and on and on on.

Feeling the need to tell someone how they should live their life or point out their flaws constantly and often in public just shines the light on your need to be critical and spend your energy on something that isn't very constructive.
Note to self:  If what is about to come out of your mouth isn't going to lift a person higher and make them feel good about themself - then zip it!  And janijans - you are also doing a little bit of weatherproofing - so whatcha gonna do bout it?  Practice my mantra - let it go, worry about your own backyard, not someone elses!

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