Wednesday 8 October 2014

DSTSS - how high can you fly?

47.  Argue for your limitations and they're yours

In doing a bit of research about this chapter, i was reminded of a book from the 70's called Jonathan Livingston Seagull - the seagull that wasn't content to just live a life of ordinary - he wanted extraordinary and set about reaching beyond the limitations that were put on him.

I can't explain what it is inside me that just sparks a desire to be more than what is expected, to continually find a way to overcome my challenges, cause i have had to do a lot of it, and to feel really happy with myself as i am - right now and to look in the mirror and like what i see. (the mirror thing is very confronting for so many people)

However, challenging my own limitations has been a big part of my life cause i never believed i was good enough for so many things. And those self-fueled doubts have held me back from doing things that i wish i had of.  For example not believing i was good enough to apply for an italian scholarship when it was my passion,.... my sister always said i would make an amazing stylist, but i never believed it and so i never pursued it - I HELD MYSELF BACK and i have no regrets of my life but i have had a big learning that i should never limit myself to things that i deserve in my life and sometimes as crazy as it sounds, what we believe, is what we get.

What is is that you really want and how are you going to get the belief that you deserve to soar as high as Johnathon?

Being on your own journey, not someone else's is probably a good place to start.  Why not consider the following....

This book is a song for spirits who have lived so long and so quietly by themselves. Jonathan Seagull is a story for one who knows that somewhere there’s a higher way of living than scuffing the tracks of others, someone who yearns to fly the way their own heart yearns to fly.

It’s a reminder, this little fable, that the path for us to follow is already written within, that it's for each of us to find our own loves, and live them brightly for ourselves. Others may watch, they may admire our resolution or despise it, but our one freedom is for us to love and to choose every day of our lives, as we wish.  
And now, i shall share my biggest limitation that i have/had.  My beauty.  Today i changed my facebook pic and i had someone comment that i was so beautiful.  My first reaction was to go hmmmm---oh my god, why are you saying that and on facebook (my self limiting behaviour) but i rethought that and my actual reaction was to go yep i am happy with that face, that body, that hair that's thin, my eyes, everything.....i love it!  This is who i am and i need to embrace it and be grateful.

Many women and men live with their own lack of self-worth or belief everyday and i encourage everyone to find something about yourself to love and believe in. Take the first step, it's the hardest, but I feel so much better having been able to do so.
Note to self: If you want to fly like a seagull, then think like a seagull...
Take off
Soar high
Let the wind carry you sometimes, cause you may end up somewhere amazing
Stop, just because you can
Know that someone will always throw you a chip if you are hungry
and be mindful that you don't intentionally shit on people.

Thanks you Luke Messer for helping me start my journey of self belief.  I am dedicating today's blog to you.

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