Thursday 21 August 2014

DSTSS - i'm no princess

39.  Practice humility

Most people love a person who doesn't like to brag, big note them self, or strut around like a peacock. Being humble about your achievements is a great thing.

Maybe that's all i need to say on that one!  Nah, i'll find something else.

Today i have been bragging about how i am a princess and the reason why, is that i had my gold crown put on my tooth in the sequel to my recent horrific dental work.

So in my mind, i must be a princess, cause i have a bone fide crown - and it's gold.
Sadly that's not the case. I had yet another event in the chair whereby i couldn't have any pain killer (too much last time - not enough this time) and let me tell you, there is nothing to brag about when someone is poking around near a nerve prepping the tooth for the most auspicious arrival of my crowning glory.  She even offered pain med halfway through, as she knew she was hitting a nerve.....literally.

Today, i definitely don't feel like a princess - i am afraid to try my new tooth out, as the weirdness is weird and the idea of possibly having any further discomfort from having a good chew is too much.  Maybe i am destined to be a right sided chewer. No double, there are some people out there who can understand what it's like to have something in your mouth that just shouldn't belong there........

So i am humbled, by almost reaching regal heights, only to be slapped down by the reality of the situation, which is still hounding me 24 hours later.
I think i have always been quite a humble person but my defining humbling moment was when i was in India in 2000.

I was lucky enough to visit some amazing places, such as the Taj Mahal (where i did my best lady di pose) and also a place called Bimbetka where I saw rock paintings that were over 30,000 year's old. Bimbetka is near Bhopal, where the world's worst industrial accident occurred in 1984.
But back in New Delhi, I was walking through a very crowded market.  I remember i had a red top on and was bewildered by what i was seeing around me and a woman walking past me reached out and touched me - she almost grabbed my arm - deliberately, but not stopping to want anything.  It was at that moment, which i remember to this minute, that i felt different.  India is an eye and heart opener.  A country of extremes and one where if you don't come away feeling somewhat humble, then i think perhaps the point of humility is lost.

Note to self:  I might be a princess, cause i now have a crown, but i will never forget the moment when that stranger in a crowd of hundreds reached out to touch me and for what, i will never know, but it left me thinking and humbled me.

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