Monday 18 August 2014

DSTSS - I just called to say i love you

38.  Tell three people (today) how much you love them

If you had an hour to live and could only make one phone call - who would you ring and what would you say?

I've never really thought about it, but i guess i will now.

It's amazing how often we take things and people for granted. I know when i started writing this blog about not sweating the small stuff, i was under what i would call extreme stress and the people in my immediate circle were the ones i seemed to be struggling with the most and yet they are the ones i undoubtedly love the most.  I didn't take them for granted, there was no lack of love, just differences of opinions and reactions to situations that were personally profound for everyone involved.

When we can get past the hurt that we feel - which, if you can do it is a very healthy thing, then life does start to return to what we know as normal and you remember all of those little chapters that have been in this book and get reminded, that we have so much small stuff, that it's okay to let go and not make it bigger then it needs to be.

So, if i  had an hour to live and could only make one phone call, then i'd be stuck as to who to call, cause there would be so many people that i would want to connect with and so comes the message of the chapter....why wait to tell people how much you love them!

Who knows why, but why wait.  what are we waiting for - is it for that moment when it's too late?
Note to self: When you tell those three people each day how much you love them - MAKE SURE THAT ONE OF THEM IS YOURSELF.

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