Wednesday 13 August 2014

DSTSS - are you up for the challenge?

37. Choose being kind over being right.

Question: would i rather be kind to others, or be right"?
Answer:  Guess i'd rather be kind....actually, i know, i'd rather be kind.

I really do believe that sometimes people's insecurities, lack of awareness or their need to show off their big fat ego, leads them to always wanting to prove other people wrong, so in their mind, they show they that are bigger, better or smarter and often at someone else's expense. How lame is that!

I am totally quoting the book right now, for this next paragraph, and then it will be back to my own words again.

"the reason we are tempted to put others down, correct them, or show them how we're right and they're wrong, is that our ego mistakenly believes that if we point out how someone else is wrong, we must be right, and therefore we will feel better"

What a load of vegetarian baloney that is.  Even when i read that chapter, is just makes me cringe, that so often there is a need in people to forget they have compassion, to think they will feel better at the expense of someone else's feelings, to always be on the lookout for the negative and to totally not realise how much nicer and kinder it is to spend their energy to build people up, make them feel better, share in the joy all while finding your inner peace, which will suddenly sneak up on you when you find yourself changing your reactions.

Note to self: mmmm vegetarian baloney, is there such a thing?  How do you want your interaction to be with the next person you encounter and then the person after that? For me, it's got to a positive one. Maybe i will be right, and if i am, it won't be because i have had to bully someone to prove a point!
None of us are perfect, but we can always work towards being a better person.

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