Monday 4 August 2014

DSTSS - have you been naughty or nice?

35.  Look beyond behaviour

I hate that my blog posts seem to take longer then expected to get to, but that's life!  And life is exactly what's happening between chapters.  I certainly am keeping the wise words of  'Don't sweat the small stuff' in my forefront of my mind, which a good thing, as it means that i am still being conscious of the actions i am taking in my quest to becoming an even more mindful person.

So here's chapter 35 - and i'm just over a third of the way through the god damn book.

Bad behaviour - is it possible to look beyond it and what the hell is bad behaviour.

Well, i can't be the judge of what bad behaviour is, cause it's probably different things for different people - but for me, it's pretty much any deliberate and thoughtless action that harms another person and that's just not cool.

And can we look beyond it - sure.... my mate who wrote the book says that no teenager would ever be loved, if it was dependent on their behaviour - me included!  Cause sometimes, i sucked!

So, i guess if someone is doing stuff that we may not agree with or approve of, then maybe it's because some part of their life is totally fucked up or they are just having a bad day or even a bad hour.  Why not ask if they are okay - maybe that's enough to help them think about what's really going on.
Note to self:  If that kid in bad santa could look beyond bad santa's bad bad bad, really wrong behaviour, than i can to.  Who am i kidding, that was a movie - and sure i laughed my arse off, but if someones behaviour is so bad that it is genuinely causing you grief, then maybe you need to decide if you want to look beyond it, or call time on that relationship and live a life that is deserving of your own worth.

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