Wednesday 23 July 2014

DSTSS - why be random?

34.  Practice random acts of kindness

im gonna keep it short and sweet.

show kindness - and why just limit yourself to random acts of kindness?  Why not be kind ALL the time?

Sure, by all means pay for the coffee for the person behind you in the queue, give someone some spare change, volunteer or donate to charity - yep, do the random stuff, it's good and can be fun.

if random kindness brings a sense of worth, contentment and makes you and others feel good, then why limit those feelings to just being gained from randomness - why not find ways to be kind to everyone in your life - all the time - whether they are testing your patience, tolerance or are just downright annoying.  Actually, if they are really really annoying, then that's a whole other chapter.

if you can find the courage to stop for a moment and think about the next action you are about to take, or the next words that will come out of your mouth, then that may make all the difference between making or breaking someone's day - including your own.
Note to self:  Make an effort to be kind to others, but don't forget to make time to be kind to yourself!

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