Monday 14 July 2014

DSTSS - fifty fifty

33.  Praise and blame are all the same

Here's another one of those chapters that I've just needed a little time to think up a good way of putting this into perspective.

Basically, you can't please all the people all the time.

So i've been thinking about this and i have come up with a couple of things that give some perspective.

One that i see a bit is at my local coffee shop - i wander in take a seat, and am happy to wait for my brew - cause sometimes it's super busy, sometimes there is stuff going on in the shop that means that what's happening at the machine is taking a little longer than usual  - you know dancing, kids being entertained, the must have loo break and then you get THOSE PEOPLE - the impatient ones, the ones that it seems as though having to wait is something that they shouldn't have to endure.

Yep, i get it..... we are all at times in such a hurry that those precious minutes, could mean the difference between getting your coffee, or as I have witnessed, people asking for their money back and heading out the door to probably be held up somewhere else - traffic lights, getting stuck in traffic, waiting for the lift to get to your floor, or something equally as ridiculous.

So you can't please all the people all the time - you will have people praising you for what you are doing well and probably at the same moment, people blaming you because you aren't meeting their expectations.

Now for my personal example - on the weekend, our clothing label decided to have a stall at  higher end fashion market.  I didn't really go with any expectations, which was good, cause then you don't stress over stuff.  I did stress though, i stressed about having to speak to strangers - cause everyone must know by now how much i LOVE that.
So i unpacked this fear with a couple of people and after that packed a different viewpoint and off i went....

I went with an open mind - with a spring in my wintery step and the intention of starting to build our brand with one hello at a time - plus a business card.

So yep, praise and blame are all the same - there were people who liked what we have to show and there were people who couldn't care less about what we had to show - and that is fine.

I said from the outset of this blogging stint that i wanted to grow as a person and i think it's working and even if you think that you are doing really great - then it's possible you can do even better.  I am the only one holding me back!

Note to self:  People will approve and people will disapprove of things i may say or do - but really, if i keep my perspective and know that i can't please all the people all the time, then it's fine...

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