Sunday 20 April 2014

DSTSS - the serenity now

23.  Experiment with your back burner

I couldn't wait for this easter break to come - normally it would be for all the chocolate i would scoff, but this time, i was looking forward to having some down time and to rest the vessel of my mind, to unwind it from all the stuff that's been keeping it occupied.

Today, it's quiet at my house and it feels nice.

This wacky chapter talks about how we can use the back burner of our mind to help us solve problems.  Think of it like the back burner of the stove, where the slow burning happens.  It's where you put things on simmer and let them cook along, while you keep working on the stuff at the front of the stove that needs immediate attention.

I did decide a while ago that sometimes my problems would hold most of my attention and that was causing me grief so i have practiced this.  It doesn't mean you always get the answer straight away, but it does give you some distance from the problem to let it slowly sort out, without it causing frustration to yourself and others.
Sounds reasonable enough - but if the back burner of your mind, feels like my actual stove back burner looks, then i think i must have some problems, so i have no option to but to turn to the serenity now....

The serenity now, was a seinfeld episode, where the word's "serenity now" were used when things got a bit tense.  The words were in fact screamed as things got more tense.  I hadn't adopted this method, but last night, in the heat of the crazy that was happening in my house, i proceeded to put a new roll of toilet paper on and decorate the toilet with it. It was the only way i could express the moment of insanity i was feeling. I didn't take a photo, but on seeing this clip from the serenity now episode, i think i was on to something.

Note to self:   SERENITY NOW, INSANITY LATER.....put all that stuff that is causing you grief on the back burner, cause it's either going to sort itself out or send you crazy right now and for fuck's sake jan, get some jif and clean that crusty stove. (sometimes cleaning helps)

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