Wednesday 16 April 2014

DSTSS - Cream is not an emergency

22.  Repeat to yourself, "Life isn't an emergency"

Today started out just like any other day - and just like any other day, you never know what lies ahead. And today was no exception.

I got myself ready for work, went to the fridge to get stuff to whip up a smoothie and i noticed that there was something dripping from high up in the fridge.  It's not my first fridge disaster so of course i know the deal here, i need to clean that shit up.  In order to take care of it, i had to change out of my work dress, put my smoothie on hold and start cleaning.  I currently have 7 people at my house, so this causes chaos - especially in the kitchen and even more so in the fridge.

So let's take care of the small stuff first.....this cup had the offending item in it.  Cream and maple syrup left over from a pancake - less then a quarter of a cup worth.  I would  have chucked it in the bin, cause the likelihood of it being used again was about ZERO.  But it was important for someone to save this small stuff.
So then more small stuff happens - i find where i think it has dripped to and go ahead and take all of the stuff out of the fridge - chuck out any old food on the way and start to restack the fridge.  Awesome, small stuff sorted.

Time to resume my day.....or so i thought.  Go about making my smoothie and notice that the creamy dreamy mixture had gone further then i thought - down to the bottom shelf where the wrath of creamy dreamy mixture was reigning supreme.  Oh Fuck.  This small stuff is getting bigger.
And bigger it got.  I drag this tray out and notice that i have nowhere to put it, cause having 7 people in the house, means theres a lot of dishes and as the dishwasher is full, i can't clean the dastardly tray, till i move all the stuff that's in the sink, due to having 7 people in the house, most of who like to get a fresh glass every time they get a glass of water - me included.  After all, i can't remember whose glass is whose, but everyone will get a new glass, once i unpack and repack the dishwasher, before cleaning the dastardly tray that was tainted with the tiny bit of cream that should have gone in the bin, and along the way throw out some things that have a 2012 use by date. (Blessing in disguise really)

So the pressures building, i am having to hurry, cause at 9am, we are getting a visit from the real estate who sold us our termite ridden house.  This same house that has led me to start blogging about not sweating the small stuff.  The same house that now needs to be sold, in order for people to move on with their lives in order to have some peace and happiness. And there is no option but for this to happen.

So is this still now small stuff - yes and no ....but this chapter is to remind me that life isn't an emergency.  If i treat everything like it's the end of the world, (like I have to keep that miniscule amount of cream cause it's so important) then my coping mechanisms will be skewed. I will feel stressed, angry, flustered and just like i did when i raced into my doctors office thinking that the end of the world was nigh, when i was just 2 minutes late all those years ago.  I couldn't determine what was really an emergency back then but i made it my mission to get my shit together and decide what really matters in life.

I have the total power as to how i react to the things around me and determine whether i need to treat them like it's life or death - a real emergency.  Even though all day, i felt off - having to sell your house sucks, but there's no other option.  What i do have is the sense to know that this is just one small part of my life and once all this has passed, i am still going to have so many things to be grateful for and another learning experience to draw from when i feel that things are a bit nutz.

So yep, today was tough and again i was reminded of perspective and that we can't keep hashing up the past and that a cup cake is really nice to eat even if you do feel like vomiting due to stress.....Thanks PC.
Note to self:  Life isn't an emergency so don't treat it like it is.  Take a look at the important stuff and give it the attention it deserves and if keeping a quarter of a cup of cream shoved in the back of the fridge without a lid is as important as having to sell your house, then maybe a reality check is in order.

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