Monday 21 April 2014

DSTSS - thank you

24.  Spend a moment every day thinking of someone to thank

This book seems to be giving me quite the "to do" list, which is a good thing when you want to work towards being a much more loving, compassionate, kind, grateful and peaceful human being.

I think i want to explore finding someone to thank and also being thankful for what i have.

As the moments of the past weeks have been building up, it has been hard to be thankful.   How do you feel thankful or grateful when there's arguments, when you are faced with a decision being made about where you live that isn't your choice, when people say hurtful things, when there's pressure, negativity, disharmony and stress, when your relationships become so damaged that you can't ever imagine if they will be repaired and when people are sweating the god damn small stuff  - it's really freaken hard to look for the good in some situations.

I'm thankful though for the learnings from my old miserable life (learnings that are in the back burner still simmering away and being called on when needed), i am still able to see the bigger picture and know what's important to focus on.

However, I have felt my thoughts travelling quickly to a negative place and i have to keep trying harder to bring them back to a place where i look for a positive outcome, rather than a negative one.  Being thankful and positive makes such a difference to a situation. When a series of events happen that make you feel hurt, it is really hard to not want to be hurtful back but that's not a solution, it's just adding to the problem.

Thinking of someone to thank or something to be grateful for each day is a start - it may give us perspective.

For starters, as much as i love smurfs, I am thankful i don't have to drive around in this car all day. - but if i was offered a lift, i would be the first to put my little blue smurf hand up and say yes.
I am also really thankful to have eaten this magnificent chocolate eclair - my favourite treat of all time. (in fact when i was about 10 or 11, someone made me 2 dozen of these for my birthday and i am still thankful for that)
I am also really thankful that when i got up this morning, my husband had decided to clean the stove. That picture i posted yesterday did cause me quite a bit of grief - but in a laughing kind of way and i am sure that anyone eating from my kitchen will be thanking him.
So, if i can find at least one thing to be thankful for each day, then it's only going to start snowballing, before i know it, there will be many more things to be thankful and grateful for that my view on the world will start to return to a more positive and peaceful one.
Note to self:  As hard as it is to feel thankful when times are feeling strained, it will enable me to be grateful for not only the people in my life, but my life as a whole. I am thankful everyday, for knowing what it feels like to live a peaceful, calm happy life, even though it feels like this crazy merry-go-round i am on at the moment is just wont stop turning.

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