Friday 21 March 2014

DSTSS You are wrong, and I am right

12.  Let others be "right" most of the time

I'm not far through this book that's for sure, and i have hit another awkward chapter. Awkward, because sometimes it confronting to reflect on things and think about whether we actually do them unknowingly and without giving much thought to the impact of those around us when we do things that aren't very constructive.

Here, i am talking about our opinions, our point of view, our desire to be right - all the time.  So often we feel that our opinion is the right one - but does it have to be right, all the time.  Well mine is right all the time, but so is the opinion of the other person, I guess......  I don't have to believe their view, nor them believe mine, but i certainly don't want to get all uppity about something that makes me go out of my way and use my precious energy, and gets me flustered just to prove that I AM RIGHT! Right.

I am exhausted just thinking about this.

I've heard people say things like - "i'm not always right, but i'm never wrong" and they mean it.  It's a pretty big call and when i hear stuff like that it makes me think about future interactions with a person, when they have to have the last word just to prove they are right or they believe that their way is the only way. Some people actually spend a great deal of time and effort just to prove that their right, is right.

I am exhausted again, just thinking about this.

Would i rather be someone who people feel comfortable to be around cause i am prepared to accept their position (I don't have to agree with it), or someone who has such a big ego that i have go out of my way to show that my way is the only way and come running towards you minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years later just to show you how right i was. Do i really want to make a big deal out of something that is probably pretty small?? Let me think about that for a nanosecond...NO!

Exhausting hey - spending all your time just to prove a point.

Being able to let other people be right, most of the time is a learning that will need to come with a bit of self control, but just like a L'oreal commercial - it's worth it....according to the book. If something is said that is degrading, or downright nasty, then it's still possible to express your point without it turning pear shaped and go on to enjoy the rest of your day.
Given that someone has designed one of these silly cards, then i guess i'm not the only person who has encountered someone whose desire to be right is stronger than their desire to be happy.

Note to self:   Do i want to be right - or do i want to be happy?
Answer to note to self: I want to be happy and i want to do it respectfully and in a way that doesn't mean being walked over, but in a way that keeps everybody's sense of self worth in tact.

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