Monday 17 March 2014

DSTSS - has anybody seen my guru?

11. Imagine that everyone is enlightened except you

As I journey on through my book, there is some stuff that i understand the rationale of how it can make a difference in your life, but when i think of enlightenment, it just conjurs up weird vibes for me. Weird gurus and sincere sadhus come to mind.  Not that i am offenced by a true guru and i have seen my fair share of sadhus and even then, they needed some spare change to help them on their path. But my thoughts are that sometimes people try to find or think they have enlightenment, without really practicing the teachings.
Clearly enlightenment comes in many forms - even if it is Van Morrison.
But to put in context of not sweating the small stuff - use those things that make you irritated to bring you a learning - whether it be patience in a long queue, acceptance when having to work with someone who gives you the shits, compassion for someone who speaks badly to you etcetera etcetera etcetera - you can choose to stamp your feet till you get attention, flip the bird in your mind to the idiot you have to spend your day with,  fill in a hurt feelings report to let someone know that you didn't appreciate what they said, or simply choose to let it go and use that moment to learn something that will help us on our journey to be more happy and gracious and less annoyed and frustrated. 

When i really need clarification on something, it pays to turn to urban dictionary - it is always pretty spot on, and again with enlightened it delivers.

According to urban dictionary enlightened is........someone who is well informed, without prejudices.

These are the people who go with the flow, who aren't going to get annoyed about anything cause they don't judge.  They are going to love no matter what, they are going to give even if they don't have and they are going to wait even if they don't want to.  They may even let someone merge into the lane they are driving in and not give a shit.

This is not one of those moments whereby you bow and thank the master for the learning - please master may i have another, but a moment where you can truly let go and accept.
Note to self:  Use those opportunities of frustration and irritation to learn not to let things bother you. Put yourself in the other persons shoes and imagine what it must be like to be them.  Know that when you choose to do this, you will have more energy and a better outlook on life and if all that fails, listen to Van Morrison's Enlightenment - maybe it has all the answers.

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