Sunday 12 January 2014

welcome to the silly season

this post is really a serious review of the silly season.  i have had to attend a few parties, which means i have needed some fabulous outfits (both good and bad) and in my usual fashion, it is all about more is more - the less is more is kind of lost on me.
So lets start.
i watched behind the candelarbra - the story of liberace and i was enjoying this flick very much when i came upon this scene.  So, imagine liberace (left) as dave and scott (right) as me and i kid you not, you could transplant our faces on to these pics and this would be us, in our lounge room, every night that dave is home. I know a lot of ladies who are jealous when i tell them that i get a foot rub every night but it's true and it's all mine.
another higlight was when I received a gift from the graduates who have just completed their 2 year program at work.  I really like Moet and i really look forward to cracking this open - perhaps next year when Davie and i hit the 10 year anniversary.
at work, we decided to do some decorating in the office and that meant a trip to a decoration store, where i picked up these beauties.
and as part of our shopping we also got a hat - but it would seem that i am the only person who thinks it's a hat, but i am sure the others will come around.
I also did some community service and looked after our neighbour Harry.  He's nearly one and cried like a baby while his mum was in sight, then proceeded to dry those crocodile tears quicker than you could say "crikey" when she was out of sight.  We made him feel right at home and bought big bird out to play.  BB was a gift to my son when he was about 6 months old.  BB is now 28 years old and still looks good for his age and still manages to intrigue the kids.
fast forward to my christmas party where i started preparing early.  No, this is not a method to protect me from aliens, but a way to make curly hair, and i mean really really curly hair, really really curly frizzy hair. I like to call it disco hair, as it was to enhance my gold jumpsuit - that i was still making about 2 hours before we had to go....
It does look like i was trying to be taken over by aliens in the photo below, as when you zoom in on this pic, i look a bit like a crazy lady.
and then it was time to razzle dazzle. big hair, big flowers, big jewels, big heels, big everything to be precise and all with some special posing.

if only dave had worn this outfit to dinner - i would have been super chuffed, but we had a photo booth and lots of accessories to play with  and having tried out the photo booth before dinner, we were then told to nothing obscene in front of the booth camera.  Lucky we got in early.
we were told not to take home any of the accessories, but given that i am not one to confirm with those silly rules, i managed to wear the indian headress out of the party, into the 2 hours taxi queue, encountered some cowboys and mexicans outside the hotel, and eventually into the cab - all without breaking a feather.

next morning, there was no hangover, but there was this very big attractive hair.
this was also the week that we became official bogans.  dave had said for a while he'd love an old car to tinker with and i didn't really think this is what he meant, but this is what is parked in our front yard,  it's an exact replica of my mum's car, which has had a few probs and you can't get parts anymore, so what better way to solve this first world problem then to buy an exact replica and strip it down.NB it did arrive sans wheels and bonnet.
i did think it may have been a late birthday present, given that it has my birthday written on it.
and then we moved onto the team christmas lunch which required a bad shirt and i did my darndest to make a bad shirt, but even got a compliment from a punter at the cru bar where we had lunch.
why anyone would want to compliment me in a shirt covered in baubles with elvis's head in it, i have no idea.
and then it was time for another christmas do - an invitation from my son to join him and his partner for lunch.  this did require a new outfit which i whipped up in the morning before we went out.  Who doesn't love a strapless onsie even if it does come with enough tuckshop arms to feed a small school.
big props to my son who made this fine feast of goat's cheese tarts, rosemary potatoes, amazing salad and all the trimmings - bon bons, gifts and finally a trip back to the kitchen where he whipped up some indian halva.  i am extremely proud of him and the effort he went to for this spread.
and to top the day off, i was rinsing the dishes at home and in my mum's tea cup was a love heart.
after all those festivities, we were off on holidays and to get to byron bay, our navman managed to find another dirt track.  WTF.
the beach was on a fully sealed road, but somewhere between brissy and byron, that navman did its magic but the diversion was worth when we arrived.

we had a cracking time
 even stromboli enjoyed it.
and in true camping style, there wasn't a great deal to do apart from eat, drink, read, swim and sleep.
and if anyone takes a detour just before you get to broken head, be sure to look out for these that were carved in the rock at some isolated beach.
so farewell 2013, which was a year that for some, they were pleased to see the back of
 and in true summer style we lit a fire 
and celebrated in the best possible way  -- WAX BOMBS

welcome to 2014,  the year i shall try to do more blogs and hopefully more wax bombs, that is until we get a visit from the authorities.

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  1. Jan I love your work!!!! Best silly season post EVA!!! Happy new year got stuff xxx