Friday 25 October 2013

before and after

so once again my blog comes out of hibernation for me to share a little something.

earlier this week, i shocked one of the girls i worked with, when i lifted my arm to reveal what i thought was just a slightly hairy armpit, which to her must have looked like quite grotesque..  It caused quite a stir with my colleagues and i was promptly handed a phone number and told to make an appointment for a wax. 

i've had a few areas waxed, by never my armpit, so i wasn't sure if i would like it, i knew it would hurt, that's a given, but would i like the results.  I was offered a resounding YES.  So a couple of days go by and i still hadn't made the appointment and i was still shocking everyone with this grotesqueness and finally i succumbed and at 3.30pm today, i had the necessary done.

i tried to take a photo and to be honest, i could see what all the fuss was about!
at the time of the above photo, another colleague came past and asked what i was doing and i explained the disgust of my sisterhood and she decided that she would be the judge.  Her giggle was followed with the words - we have a situation! and below is the proof.
so off i went and had it taken care of. 
while i was on the therapist's bed, she asked if i have any other treatments done, such as eyebrows - she could obviously see that this untamed mess had never been cared for and suggested that we could shape them a little and even add a touch of colour - given that my beautiful dark hair isn't natural, they kind of stand out.  so while lying there, she explained what could be done and even added a little bit of dark powder to accentuate this brow. Can't you tell the difference?
given i can't make these decisions on my own, i told her i would consult with the hair nazis and see what they thought about it. but maybe at 47 year's old, i could live a little and throw caution to the wind.
so now the great reveal, the results of the underarm hair wax.  they seem happy, which is more then i can say about that extra chin that is growing at the bottom of my face.

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