Thursday 9 May 2013

cough cough cough

wowsers, haven't i had a fun couple of weeks.  First i come home from fiji SICK, then i get better for a week, then i get SICK again.  really sick, like i haven't been able to smell a thing for the last 7 days.  good in some instances - you know, when stinky stuff is around, but not so good for everyday living. Not only do i have a trachea inflammation/infection causing me to cough like i have a 2 pack a day habit, but i have a sinus infection, first diagnosed by my sister when i told her i had sore teeth, then reconfirmed by my ever efficient doctor, who prescribed an antibiotic and 2 days off to take some rest, and rightly so, cause really, i look like SHIT.

what i would like right now, is to take a nail and hammer it into my forehead cause i think that would release the pressure in head, which i am sure in a few days will become a flood of snot leaving me to wonder why i didn't take shares in the kleenex tissue company.

Anyway, back in the day when i felt well, which was around April 25, i took to the sewing machine after quite a long break and whipped up 2 frocks, both of which received much interest from my peers.  Not part of the huudaverti line, but part of the janijans, i don't have anything to wear line and i thought due to the artistic photos, i would share. if i get a million likes, i shall see what i can do to get this style into our range.
now, back to feeling miserable.....

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