Thursday 18 April 2013

huudaverti is off to new york city

okay where do you start when you have such a big announcement. well, i guess we start at the beginning.

A few months ago my sister was checking out sites that have to do with full figured clothing as our clothing line huudaverti is for plus size women.  you know the ones with boobs, hips, booty and she came across a site for Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City. At the time, designer registration wasn't open but my sister made contact and asked to be notified when we could register. So earlier this year she got the notification and we didn't apply quick enough and were put on a waiting list to be notified on 15 April (last Monday).

While on our trip to fiji, i took a quick trip to the smallest room in the house and during this time, an email arrived which sent my sister into a tizz and saw her running around the island trying to find me.  i didn't see any of this, as i was in the smallest room in the house but i imagine it was a spectacle.

Her excitement was well and truly warranted as the email read......a place has become available and we would love you to showcase your collection on 21 June 2013 in New York City.  OMFG.  This email came 2 weeks earlier then we were advised that it would, so you can guess how absolutely beside ourselves we were.

As i have shared this news with people, there has been a genuine excitement and enthusiasm and some people have expressed that they have gotten goosebumps when i had told them.  The enormity of this hasn't quite sunk in for me, but as we get closer to the show, and recognise the incredible amount of work that has to be done, it is quickly becoming too real.  Having one sister in new york and the other sister dedicating all her time to this, i do what i can around my real job, which is hard, but thanks to them we are full steam ahead.  As the day's count down, the excitement builds and we can't wait to show New York City what huudverti has to offer.

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