Saturday 25 May 2013

a little bit of crazy

it's been about 15 days since my last blog, which for a blogger is WAY to long, but given what's going on it's understandable.

I remember in about 2001, after i had returned from India, I used to go into a cafe in west end and I must have worn some pretty fancy outfits, cause i still remember one of the waitresses asking me if i was a fashion designer.  No I said, i have a boring day job, but i do love to make my own stuff.

Fast forward 10 years and I still have a day job (not boring though), still like to make my own stuff and i still get people commenting on my outfits and if anyone were to ask me that question - am i a fashion designer - the answer can clearly be defined as YES I AM.

Our efforts to get to Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC have been nothing short of amazing.  In nearly 2 months, we have designed a collection, my sisters have sourced amazing fabrics, our mum has been, and is still drafting patterns, my husband is helping with the marking up of patterns, Christine has flown in to help out with the details, our line has hit production and we are all so fucking tired.  So this morning, while everyone is sleeping, i have drifted from the well constructed project plan my sister has put together to sit and reflect on what's going on.

Doing our show in Fiji was fantastic and who knew what was to come.
Now, being surrounded by patterns and fabric at home and seeing our production occurring first hand for NYC is kinda crazy and surreal.

And just as crazy as being mentioned in two blogs the curvy fashionista as a designer(s) to know (thank you for acknowledging our look) and the plus side of me who have both seen what we have to offer in the plus size space, which we are really proud to represent. 

Now, I really have to get back to that project plan, even though it's not even 8am on a Saturday morning,

I never had doubt that what we do, along with being invited to NYC is amazing, but I did struggle with the enormity of me being in the middle of it all and how big a deal it is. It has now hit me that we are on the way to something big (pardon the pun).

I really want to thank all my friends and colleagues who have wholeheartedly shared in the journey that is taking place. My boss has been fantastic in supporting the bigger picture and the encouragement that has surrounded me has been nothing short of amazing.  To have everyone believe in what we do and wish us nothing but good luck and success is something i am grateful for.  So thank you.....we'll see you on the runway!

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  1. I liked your shoes and pants but the shirt's color looks a bit weird. i think if you would have wore it with black color it would have looked more good.