Sunday 9 June 2013

Jac Preston 43 - the interview

Motor sport is something that has always been a part of my life and that of my family. As little kids we would always pile around the tele and watch Bathurst each year.  For my cousin Michael Preston, he took it to the next level, not only was his bedroom wall's covered with posters of his favourite racing drivers (it could still be that way), this was his passion and he went on to pursue his own career in motor racing.  Not long enough for him, but long enough to keep passionate about it.

Fast forward 20 years and now his son Jac Preston is heading down the same path.  Jac is currently racing go karts in the 7 - 11 age class and yesterday we checked him out at Willowbank Raceway near Ipswich.

When we arrived, Jac's car was getting tinkered with as it wouldn't start in his last race, so it meant he would be last off the grid for the next race.

Jac is really keen to get over 100 likes on his Jac Preston 43 Facebook Page  and he was quick off the mark to say yes when I offered to do an interview for him to see if we can help him. Being quick off the mark is no doubt something that is necessary in this sport, so we were off to a good start.

Here's how it all went with Jac Gary Preston, aged 10, from Queensland.
Fave food - pizza
Fave colour - blue
Lucky number - 43
How long have you been karting? 5 months

Why karting, when there are so many other high profile adrenalin filled sports, such as fly fishing or lawn bowls or even darts? It's in my blood, my dad raced.
Tell me about your racing number - 43.  Where did that number come from? It's the number of a famous Nascar driver, Richard Petty.
So tell me what you love about karting? I just love racing.

Obviously, motor racing is in your blood, as you dad and mum spent plenty of time trackside in their day.  Of course, your dad has his own history in motor racing, so how did you get into this?
I first watched it at 7 years of age wanted to do it.  My dad didn't think that I was quite ready for it and that maybe I wouldn't stick with it. According to Jac's mum, Michael had told him about karting and when they were overseas last year he got to try it out. His time's were pretty quick and the kart centre owner said that Jac was a natural.

Your dad used to have a couple of old paddock bashers - old cars that he would durb around in.  He was also fond of doing some cheeky doughnuts for show off.  Has he shown you any of his techniques? No. Sometimes if you get bumped on the track, you might do some doughnuts though.

When you are out driving with your dad, are you a back seat driver and do you give your dad any tips? Yes
Seems there must be a fair bit of travel for you.  Is the lifestyle all it's cracked up to be?  Fast cars, luxury hotels, endless pizza and powerade flowing? I just like it all.

What do you do to relax in your spare time?  Play computer games and watch tv.
Before a race, do you have any routines your follow. Jack said that you can't get in the car on the engine side, but I wanted the knitty gritty and talked to him about how sometimes people might have something that they wear (like special undies or socks) to bring them good luck. I used to have a lucky coin on the airbox, but now I have the 43 sticker where the coin was.

What's the fastest you have done on the track and how many kilometres have you driven? 93 km's/hour is the fastest, but not sure how many kilometres i have done.

Do you have to practice during the week? No, I do get to practice on some free weekends.

So where to for Jac Preston.  Where do you want to go with your racing? I want to keep racing and drive in Formula One.

Where's your next race? I go to Lismore next and I will be in Bundaberg for the titles, which is the biggest race of the year.

Our interview was cut short here, as Jac was called for his race and as he waiting in the pits for the start I got to ask his mum a couple of things.

So mum, what do you like and dislike about this sport?
Jac enjoys it, it's a good family sport and the kids all get on - off that track that is, not on it.  I hate the danger factor.
Jac didn't finish his first race but this time I got to ask him one final question before he came out of the pits following his second race, where he clearly managed to go up in the placings.

So Jac, how did it go this race, how were your feeling? It was good, at least it started up this time....

So from Lithgow to Bundy and plenty of stops in between, this family travel most weekends so Jac can pursue something he clearly loves. He's probably done about 500km's in his kart since he started earlier this year, his parent's have done many many more to get him to the track each weekend, and it's not letting up anytime soon. Jac is now off his P's and has had a couple of podium places, shared in some highs and lows on the track and what I took away from this is that he is keen to learn and understands that you mightn't win all the time, but that's not a bad thing, cause it's all character building and healthy competition can only make him go on to be a better driver all round.

Good luck in the future Jac Preston 43. Hope your Facebook "Like" status goes up.

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  1. I love the support your child has to achieve his dreams! I hope he prospers in his endeavours! I love go cart racing to but just as a past time not a hobby!