Tuesday 26 March 2013

out of office

my out of office is definatley on.  it's reads something like 'gone to fiji, doing nothing, will return some day'
by doing nothing i mean, we arrived in time to celebrate my sister's birthday with a big party.  party = wine + wine + wine + wine + food + dancing + fireworks + baileys + lots of laughing. of course with any good party there's bound to be one bad photo that you don't want anyone to see and also one accident that should never have happened. in this case, i was involved in both. in my hand is a sparkler, which upon lighting does cause immediate hot pieces to fly off and burn my husband's hand.  ooops. Cold beer did remedy this for him, but there is no remedy for this hilarious photo of me, which also caused laughter to all who saw it.  maybe i did actually look like this as i had only had a couple of hours sleep due to catching the midnight flight from brissy.
with day one under our belt, day two saw us doing more nothing until it was time to head off with my nephews for pizza at the holiday inn. was not expecting the amazing sunset or the guy who kept sailing back and forth to make the kodak moment photo. i secretly think he's employed by the hotel to just sail back and forth for the kodak moment.

and after a twilight pizza and 5 times round the revolving door, it wa time to go

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