Friday 29 March 2013

it's wine time

today we head off to Leleuvia for our beach time.  it's been a hectic few days, all of which have been nothing but fun.
Tuesday was school swimming carnival.  it bucketed down rain, but that didn't deter me from getting up close behind the time keeper to take a couple of action shots of my fantastic nephews. after success in the 25m free, carlo had time to call his dad before his next swim.
oskar also had success in the pool but this cool cat was also rockin it in the race waiting line.
when night fell, it was grown up time.  in suva each month they have wine tasting and we have never been lucky enough to have it on while we have been here. but this was our lucky week. so, for starters you are given 2 mystery wines to choose and by the process off elimination a winner is determined.  i was just happy to drink these and pretend i knew something about the spanish rose that we had on offer.
then you are given 3 glasses which when filled are meant to be sniffed, swirld, tasted and spat. unless like me you just decide to drink all the contents and hope you can get the glass clean before they come with the next lot of wines.
6 whites (in groups of 3) and 6 reds (in groups of 3) make their rounds and you have to decide from the mc's commentary and your astutue wine knowledge where these wines come from. honestly, all of them had a hint of blackberry when i am sure they they weren't meant to.
the man holding the beer glass ie my husband doesn't drink whites, so we had to share these amongst us. imagine how this added to our inability to correctly work the numbering system in the evening.
i scored an impressive 6 out of 12 and had huge amounts of fun, unlike this person.  she was a hospitality student who didn't drink.
a little nightcap was in order along with some pool before we headed home from this gruelling event.

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