Monday 18 March 2013

happy birthday celeste

i have been a busy busy lady.  huudaverti, our clothing label is in full swing and hopefully not to soon, we will have an online shop where we will be proud to share our designs.

In the meantime though, there were birthdays to be had, one of which was my sister Christine's and the other was her friend Celeste.

my sister's friend Celeste asked for a few things for her birthday, all of which are detailed below.  Celeste spends a lot of her time in the antarctic doing what she can to save our whales, so her birthday request makes total sense.  in support of Celeste, i decided to support sea shepherd at the west end market's on saturday.  I picked up a shopping bag and a stubby holder, the latter of which i gave to my husband on behalf of my sister's birthday.  everybody wins, i say.

anyway, here's the facebook post from last week and props to my sister for educating her children on how we can do more to look after our planet and the animals that only have a select group of humans who want to be their voice.

This is the best birthday present ever - Thank you Christine Evans !!!! xoxoxox The children asking the school to go Palm oil free even.. uhhh I love you guys! xoxox

i wish i could share my friend Celeste McGrath's birthday request today direct from her page (but i can't figure out how to do that tho). celeste asked all her friends to celebrate her birthday today by being kind to animals - going vegan for a month; not eating anything with palm oil; donating to sea shepherd (or buying a tshirt), or adopting an orangutan (she was already gifted a goat and is rescuing a horse). THEN we had to tell others (and her) what we did. so today celeste, in honour of your birthday, the whole family has new sea shepherd products (tees for me and the kids and a hat for ak), and the crew will have a few more supplies for next trip (and wouldn't it be awesome if they didn't ever have to use them...). the kids and i talked about what else we could do and they have decided to try to make their school palm oil free and to tell the kids at school who eat palm oil products that palm oil kills orangutans.

so to all my family and friends, will you help me celebrate celeste's birthday and show compassion for all creatures on this earth by extending a big happy birthday to one of the world's great activists and all round rockin' women by making your own pledge for what you can do - right now, today, tomorrow, for the next month - to help protect and defend the animals that we share this planet with.

happy birthday celeste. x

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