Sunday 6 January 2013

who's the boss of the park?

our little campsite - site 48 - at fingal was just the best spot.  it was powered, it was a grass pad, it was just a hop skip and a jump to the beach and the amenities block.

there's something so nice about fingal as even though it's near the gold coast, it's not really near anything.  we did see one crack head, but that was small pickings compared to some places.

this time last year, i was freezing my bits off in new york city due to going to visit my sister and this time this year, that same sister is still freezing her bits off, so it seemed only fair that we skyped her and took her for a trip to the beach.  she got to see the beauty that was fingal, albeit blurry, but it's the thought that counts.
i guess there was some similarity with what may have been happening in the snow in NYC.
i really did make the most of just doing nothing.
over and over again. 
there were three caravans of note near our tent and i did wonder why on the first day, the oldies in these particular vans crossed over to the vans on the other side of the road for what appeared to be a very friendly social session and vice versa happened night after night.
and then it all became clear when our neighbour at the back came and said hi and delighted in telling us that they have been coming to fingal in their caravan's for 34 years.  he had in fact introduced his cousin Nouk, to his friend Terry all those years ago and they all come to the beach each year. their kids have grown up and have their own kids, but these people just keep on coming.
but this year, there little group was split up by the death of Geoff and we were on his spot.  must have been very strange for them all and this had been carved into the tree on where he usually had his van.
the weird thing about holiday parks is that the kids form friendships very easily and wander around the park day and night, day after day, just doing nothing but acting real cool with their skateboards and short shorts, but on our last night, i was lying in the tent listening to the goings on outside and it became evident who was really top dogs of the park, when i heard the neighbour Nouk and someone else coming up the out kids, the oldies are coming through, she said.

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