Thursday 3 January 2013

summer holidays

how lucky were we to jag a spot at fingal for 7 days on a powered site.
tent - check
beer & wine - check
cossies - check
food - check
broken wing mirror - check. this did happen before we even left home and i did cry cause i thought our trip was going to be over before it even began.  the heat did a great job of melting any tape we put on it, even the borrowed flashtak which melts like rubber and has to be removed with kerro.
each day at fingal was better then the last apart from the night it rained (and dave thought i would probably want to go home) and the arvo we had the massive storm brewing (which turned out to be a total fizzer).
we had quite the get up and i kid you not that tent was like a freaken tardis. i did get an overall camping rating of 9.5, why i didn't get a 10 i don't know, but maybe it was cause i didn't do any blowing - of the bed - when it would go down a bit in the night.

we would wake up to days as beautiful as this, except they were in colour
today's blog though, is all about the camp food and with a cast iron pot and pan, and a few easy ingredients you can also be eating like a camping queen. in our case the coffee machine was an essential, as we couldn't drive anywhere to get one, due to wing mirror being held up by tape and a wooden spatula and melting at any opportunity.
meal one
this one was a left over from our friday night dinner party - but dahl and paneer travels well and reheats really easy.  cook some rice, crack open a pack of mini pappadams and voila.  delish.
pancakes - SR flour, milk and an egg or egg replacer in my case - none of this whiz bang got to add a zillion ingredients type of thing.  a bit of maple and a banana and you are off.
mmmm another brekky
vege sausage and some fried tomato and onion with chilli sauce on toast cooked directly on the flame.  it's not really toast but brown bread, but still it was yummy.
and the treat of treats, pimentos from markets around brissy and also can be purchased online through their website.
fry in olive oil, with salt and pepper, serve with some fried haloumi and cherry tomatoes and snow peas if you could be bothered going to that much trouble. watch out for the hot peppers though, they are a hoot.
easy peasy nice and not so cheesy nachos
fry some onion and add a tin of canelloni beans and diced tomatoes.  add some mexican chilli powder and serve over corn chips with or without grated cheese and some optional yoghurt and cucumber

and now for the drinks - gin and tonics, wine and beer were the order of the week, apart from lunch time when a really icy lemon squash was the beverage of choice.
as the campsite was really close to beach we did do a bit of back and forth for beer and wine and in the end, it was necessary to look at an alternate means of getting our drinks even though it was only a hop skip and a jump to the esky.  and i present you the sandy treasure.
get a plastic bag, fill it with drinks of choice - with lids on of course - and bury in the sand to be retrieved as needed.
rest assured and i am not drinking what would normally come out after drinking to many of the things i had buried in the first place.

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