Monday 2 January 2012

where the hell am i?

last week i was in fiji, on my christmas holiday, working on my tan, doing a bit of shopping, swimming in the amazing ocean, eating my way through a five day break at a most fantastic secret location, contemplating where to go to next for the remaining 10 days of my holiday. well blow me down, i never in my wildest dreams expected my fiji sister to tell me that my new york sister needed help and that we should probably go to give her a hand. that was last thursday morning and by thursday arvo we were on our way to NYC.

so...what does someone who is holidaying in tropical fiji, take to freezing New York?  Not bloody much, thats for sure.  A bula dress, a pair of havianas (that was travel attire) a pair of jeans, sneakers. a t-shirt and a pair of ankle sox. that was it.  i was the most tropical thing making my way through LAX onto JFK where a quick change took place in the ladies before stepping out into the cold.
i was one step away from looking like a bag lady ready to dive into a dumpster 
and one step away from freezing
travelling to my sisters house in brooklyn, i saw this - the NYC skyline
and when i take a peak out her bedroom window, i see this
 now, what the hell am i going to wear for the next while given that it's going to dip below zero in the next few day?

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