Wednesday 4 January 2012

what to wear, what to wear

I needed to go shopping, what i bought from the tropics was not going to cut it so we headed off to manhattan and picked up a few items.  Second pair of jeans, silver puffer jacket, 2 jumpers and a pair of hello kitty PJ pants (a must for the season).
Before i could leave the house, i had to deck myself out in items borrowed from my sisters, mum and 15 year old niece - thank goodness she had the gold connies, as i felt somewhat funky.
On this day NYC was cold, but not freezing, but as I sit here looking outside at the water in the dog bowl, which is frozen solid, it is freezing, about -10 degrees and i have no idea what the hell i am going to wear if i have to venture out.
And of course, whilst we were out, my elder, more mature sister handed me these as we left a shop.  These are just handed out like candy and if me and Chrissy have anything to do with the situation, the elder, more mature sister should start getting some supplies in order.

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