Wednesday 4 January 2012

the city that fell asleep

my sisters and I had been talking up New Years Eve and how exciting it was to be sharing it together for the first time since any of us could remember, so of course, we wanted to do something spectacular and not just sit in front of the telly.
after much discussion, we decided that we'd like to go to manhattan and have a nice dinner and see in the year with a glass of something sparkly.
new years eve was also the day of the 'i need clothes" shopping trip and we didn't get home till about 8pm.  plenty of time to dolly up and get back to the subway after a sizzling margherita made with probably the best tequila i have ever tasted.
now the dilemma began - where will we eat - we rang a couple of places - sorry closed, sorry, booked, yeah we can fit you in but it's first come first served, and finally a pizza place that was serving last meals at 11.30. off we went, me in my jeans, bula dress, nieces unheeled cowboy boots (which made me walk drunk).
These people on the subway were sporting their own hip flasks
including the very fancy banana which must have been filled with something fun.

We strutted round the bowery looking for our pizza joint, only to get there and be told they were closed GOD DAMN LIARS.  On New Years Eve, it's not possible to serve alcohol after a certain time, so everything shuts early. WTF.
We walked and walked and walked and eventually defeated, we headed back to the subway to go back to Brooklyn where we made it in the door just in time to crack of bottle of champagne and pretend like we were at times square
we were looking fabulous, like all the other folk, including the mayor who is having a rather awkward snog with with love
and watching the giant peach
my sisters, before we cooked our very delicious dinner which we ate at about 1am
The thing i found out about new years eve in new york city, is that the city that never sleeps is a lie it was out cold, and even though we couldn't buy a meal, we would have had no problem buying a crack pipe if thats what we were in need of.  go figure!

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