Friday 2 November 2012

aaaahhh leleuvia

so, the fashion show is now over and i am back home and back to reality.  we were lucky enough to have a night at an amazing island called leleuvia which is pretty close to suva.
to get to leleuvia, we drove about 30 minutes on bad fiji roads, then another 15 on what was probably the most pot holed road i have ever been on - of course that made the drive even more fun as we dodged and weaved the holes which sometimes looked like bottomless pits.
we got to bau landing where it was time to hold on to your hats, and your beers and yourself, cause we were about to undertake a high speed ride to the island.
on the way to leleuvia, you go past the chiefly island of Bau - where one must slow down and remove all head wear (these were long gone due to the high speed take off from Bau landing)
this was followed by this tiny little tree which seemed to just float in the middle of nowhere.
dave decided it was time to save a turtle or two and narrowly avoided chipping teeth as the boat ride was bumpy and we never knew what was coming next.
and then in the distance, leleuvia appeared.  after nearly 3 weeks indoors at the sewing machine this brief touch of outdoors paradise was a welcome site.
yes, it is a real island, and yes it looks as good in real life and yes, the water colour is really that clear and that blue and yes it is that beautiful
and this is where i leave today's post, as i am sure if you are like me, you are probably daydreaming about paradise and can't focus on anything else....
to be continued

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