Thursday 25 October 2012

who is huudaverti

wow, can't believe that it's all over.  huudaverti took to the runway for the first time on 20th October 2012 at fiji fashion week and it was a great success if i do say so myself.
huudaverti is the clothing label that my sister and i put together for our show in fiji fashion week and hopefully beyond.  the name was inspired by childhood memories of when we visited family friends and those memories have stuck with us to this day.

this has been a truly amazing experience and one that was incredibly tiring given that we designed, drafted patterns and sewed all the clothing at home and on the saturday, not only did we show our ladies collection, but also sand by huudaverti, which is a children's line.  are we crazy or what??
i have captured so many behind the scences photos that i will be sharing soon, but here's a taste of what happened on the day.
getting ready to go and a quick backstage shot before it all happened.
thanks again to jenny for being a whiz on the sewing machines and to our amazing models
it's showtime....
 the evans sisters
far out, i still can't believe it.

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