Friday 19 October 2012

what are you doing here

it's been some months now since we began toying with the idea of doing fashion week in fiji and one of the things that i felt so much disappointment about was that my husband Dave wouldn't be here to see it all happen.  he's been so supportive of me doing this and as it has required some cash for fabrics etc, so we were not in a position for him to come across and see the end result.

on wednesday my sister was at her hotmail and as i wandered past, she asked if the photo she was looking at was dave and said that he must have a virus cause why would he be sending her a photo of himself? when i skyped him in the arvo, she even came to ask him whether he had a virus as she seemed genuinely concerned.

thursday rolls around and i'm going about my business, when i look to the door and who should be standing outside, but dave, my husband, the guy who couldn't come to fiji.  'what are you doing here' i screamed.
my sister had been secretly plotting to organise his arrival and i was none the wiser. there's been texts, and emails galore between them.

i think dave was pretty chuffed as he told me he's been packed ready to go since last week.
the photo was a legit thing as she has organised for him to be our official photographer and my husband now has access all areas for all the shows.
last night was the opening night of fashion week and we got to enjoy access to the vip lounge and a seat across from the president of fiji.
it was great fun and dave got to try his hand in the camera pit at the end of the runway to get his practice on while i happily snapped from my seat.

we are really getting excited now and it's going to be so much better with him here, so i'd like to thank the organisers and sponsors of operation uplift dave to fiji, as it was a totally unexpected great surprise that just made my day.

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